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Secure your Classified Network
The IPS Container is a GSA Approved, Class 5 security container used as an alternative to a facility/SCIF build-out, vault or closed access area (CAA). It's an armored computer cabinet that combines physical protection with internal cooling, rack mounting and secured cable connectivity.
  Monitor - Alarm - Control - Protect
SafeGuard turns the IPS Container into an IP-addressable security appliance. Monitor & alarm dial rotation, lock status, door position, temperature and power. Remotely shut down or reboot devices or "zeroize" the crypto when a threat is detected.   
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Camouflage your Classified Network
Classified Communications Workstation. Conceal the classified network presence in high profile locations, GOQ's, conference rooms, embassies, ambassador residences, training rooms, etc.
  Secured Access to your Classified Network
Secure convenient KVM and Ethernet on/off gateway connects to on-line classified networks within the IPS Container. Combined instant SIPR/NIPR connectivity. Provides network access without equipment access.
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Shield your Classified Network
EMI/RFI emanations shielding up to NSA spec 94-106 for the entire equipment rack. Multi-level network domain separation. EMP shelters to protect critical infrastructure and communications.
  Customize your IPS Container
Rack-mount shelves & drawers, power strips & adapters, PDS conduit junction boxes, caster bases, support stands, floor-loading spreader plates, noise reduction, exhaust ducting.