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Since 1986, we have designed Classified Network Security Solutions that never sleep.

With the confidence of our decades-long leadership in Government-approved data protection, the solutions from Trusted Systems are increasingly relied on by security administrators sensitive to the vulnerabilities unique to classified data storage.

The genesis of Trusted Systems was simple enough; focus on the physical protection of your network devices, but do so by using a more modular design than a traditional SCIF.  Since those humble beginnings, our experiences propelled us to widen the scope of network protection to address the scope of user-to-cloud, AKA, Network Endpoint Security.

Over the years, as new threats to your network appeared on the horizon, our groundbreaking developments grew outward — in expanding rings of security — to now include solutions for secured access to address the growing risks of ‘insider threats‘.

Solutions Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Network Endpoint Security
Seamless Integrated Solution

First Infrastructure Protection
from User to the Cloud

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IPS Containers
Network Security

Armored GSA Approved
IPS Security Containers

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Tamper Protection

Proactive Intrusion Surveillance
Know it Before They’re Inside

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Biometric Authentication

Allows Authorized KVM Access
Prevents All Others

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We Put the Class in Classified

For Office, Boardroom or Home
It’s the Elegant Solution to Security

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Heavy Duty Secure Computer Cabinets

Secure Computer Cabinets

Self-Cooling, High-Security
CPU and Server Cabinets

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IPS Enclosures

Broadband EMI/RFI Protection
For the Entire Enclosure

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Numerous Application-Specific Options
To Optimize Functionality and Performance

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Good Design Begins by Understanding Your Needs

With a list of requirements in hand, our engineers and designers develop a custom solution to match your short-term objectives, but also with an eye on future expansion or capabilities. Some of the inherent advantages of our modular designs include:
  • substantially less cost, both short- and long-term, especially when comparing SCIF technology,
  • faster time to implementation,
  • and the mobility advantage, when compared to a traditional SCIF that must be left behind when operations are moved.
Trusted Systems Engineered Security Solutions
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Performance is the result of Commitment meeting Preparation

At Trusted Systems, we understand that unique security considerations exist for each location and application. This is why we work so closely with you to assess your requirements, and tailor solutions specific to your needs. If you would like to speak to a representative, please submit a Quote Request form, or call toll free 800-414-4203.
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